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Aquila Liquors Distillery was established in 1992 and in a very short time has achieved success in the Albanian market. The passion for technology has thrust the company to expand and modernize day by day. In 2005, a modern distillation tower was established, which brought a higher quality by giving Aquila Liquori competitive advantage over Balkan competitors. The company has expanded in 35,000 meter square and provides a vast range of products such as rakia, wines, liqueurs, spirits and Albanian traditional alcoholic drinks.

Continuous investments have made possible to achieve a high rate of production and quality, which surpass the demand in Albania. Aquila Liquors covers more than 75% of Albanian market. The need for finding bigger markets abroad have made possible the exports of different products such as Whisky, Brandy and Gin in France, Germany, England, Italy and China. Long-term agreements with those countries have been our target in order to keep the factory in full capacity production. Actually, Aquila Liquors Distillery, is #1 exporter for spirits in Albania and nearby regions. The company has invested in high capacity warehouses for aging products such as rakia, brandy and whiskey.



Aquila Liquori - Mastery of Tradition...

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